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Swings 32kg 25/25
Swings 36kg 15/15
Press 36kg 1/1
LC 2x32kg 2.5min 10reps.
Snatch 28kg 6min 1mph 12rpm
Snatch 28kg 2min 17rpm
Mess around with two hand anyhow for a bit
Pullups – stay in the bar for 30sec (30sec rest)

LC felt good, but the bells landed awkwardly on my RHS and the first hurt from pressure, so I stopped the set. I’ve mislaid my shields somewhere 😦
Two hand anyhow (2x32kg) was super close. First time I’ve managed to curl it up, but no where near pressing the second bell (but it does feel close!). No video due to me taking a photo rather than filming, but here’s a single 32kg curl to press (first time for that too!)