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28OALC 22min

Swing 28kg 30/30
Swing 36kg 20/20
OALC 28kg 22min 1mph 8rpm

Seems like a looooong time since I’ve lifted (or certainly done anything above 28kg), mostly due to a tweak in my mid back. Feels odd – like a disc, but hopefully it’ll calm down.
Hands were sore. Focus changed a bit during lifting. I noticed that my re-rack positioning really changes in relation to grip technique on the drop from rack. Poor handle position in the hand resulted in a ‘higher’ clean to rack and a higher settle into rack. Eblow resting on muscle, rather than bone…

First 10min spent on settling in, focusing on different breathing pattern (super shallow breath in rack and overhead, rather than dragging out one breath. This felt better, but for some reason was hard to remember to keep doing!) Also focus on send off and alignment overhead.
Second 10min focus on second dip (not so much) and grip positioning…

Trying to keep the elbow in contact with the hip for as long as possible in send off

uFit 30LC

Swings 30kg 30/30
LC 2x30kg 5min 4rpm 21reps (uncounted)
LC 2x30kg 2min 11reps (uncounted)
Dead Hang 2x1min

Struggled more with cleans – couldn’t keep the heels down 🙂
Everything else felt ok. I think I could have used my heels more in the send off, as there’s a little pause between heel push and toe push..