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Swings 28kg 30/30
Toddler Squat 2min
LC 2x28kg 7min 5rpm 36reps
LC 2x28kg 2min 6rpm 12reps
LC 2x28kg 2min 6rpm 13reps
Toddler Squat 5min
Dead Hang 5x1min

Felt good, but grip deteriorating! May another 7reps or so left?



Swings 32kg 30/30
OALC 32kg 4min 2mph 10rpm (20sec spare)
LC 2x16kg 10min 9/10rpm
Snatch 16kg 10min 1mph 18rpm
Toddler squat 7min spread throughout workout
Dead Hang 2x1min

Left my phone on the couch, so no record. Mentally gave up, physically fine.
Lc – hard to settle in rack. Feels like I need the extra weight to ‘push me down’.
Snatch – LHS grip issues: Couldn’t get the bell to sit nicely in the fingers. RHS was great though.