Thought I’d revisit an old workout… The last time I did this was back here:

All with one 24kg
2minutes per hand on each exercise
30sec rest between exercises
6min rest between sets

Jerk 35/35
Snatch 35/35
Longcycle 20/20

Jerk 32/35
Push Press 30/30
Clean 35/35

Push Press 24/26
Half Snatch 33/35
Longcycle Press 15/15

Dead Hang 1min

Gutted I ran out of memory on my phone, so I only have the first set 😦
Pleased overall as I’ve not really done very much one arm stuff lately (especially snatch/half snatch). Maybe could have pushed for a few more reps (especially on the cleans), but it was tough enough!


Swing 28kg 30/30

OAJ 32kg 20/20 (timed by breath)

LC 2x28kg 5min 27reps

Dead Hang 3min


4min toddler squat spread throughout workout

LC was mentally very tough

I did a 1min LC set before hand where I wore wrist guards, but my overhead form was really poor – must’ve been tight from the pullups…

Knee feels a little bit better 🙂 (twisted in training 3 days ago)


Swings 32kg 30/30

Swings 36kg 15/15

OAJ 36kg 4min 2mph 8rpm

LC 2x28kg 5min 23reps

Dead Hang 2xenon

Light stretching

5min toddler squat split throughout workout
Pleased with this, as is just eaten, and felt terrible! LC set just got better, after an awful start…

OAJ on the RHS felt very good