28LC 7min



Swings 28kg 30/30
OALC 32kg 10/10 slow/untimed

LC 2x28kg 7min 4rpm 4/4/4/4/4/4/6

LC 2x28kg 15reps quick (2min, but untimed)


BJJ sparring

Cycle around 17miles
Generally felt really tired all day (long night, early morning), so kinda did the ‘minimum’.

7min LC felt OK – could have got an extra rep in at the end, but without the timer I messed up. (My timer has been mislaid, so I’m setting the HIIT timer on my phone, and then using the same phone to film. It has made me focus more on using my breath to time and at the moment that feels very useful!)

Felt it a little in the lower back on a few of the reps. I think it’s a slight mistime between leaning back on the drop from rack, and bending the legs to ‘catch’ the bells.  

At the moment I’m just focusing on rack positioning.

I have 4 main areas that I focus on during LC which are:

1) using the legs more in the catch and also the swing into rack. (Trying to keep the heels grounded). This links into using a deeper backswing)
2) hand/finger position during drop from rack. (mostly trying to keep a contact with the index finger – hopefully leads into less ‘bounce’.
3) rack. Initially linked to the hands inserting. I’d like a quicker settle, so I’m looking at inserting earlier/pulling to the hips, and tucking/scooping the elbows under the bell rather than flaring. Then the main focus is on the elbows being on the hips (not caught on the ridge of flesh I (we) have above the hipbone), and straightening the legs.
4) overhead position. At the moment I’m trying not to drift out when overhead, so I’m keeping the handles closer together in-between the first and second dip. I think the drift may be due to a little pressing out, so a slightly deeper second dip might be useful.

Sub areas that I remember thinking about during the workout were:
1) timing the breaths rather than looking at the clock
2) head position throughout
3) hip position in rack (ie: not pushing forward, but leaning back)
4) elbow position during first dip. As in, making sure they’re in a stable position, rather than either slipping off the bone, or causing the flesh underneath to move.
5) keeping the mouth open, and the breathing unforced.


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