28LC 5min

Swings 28kg 30/30
Swings 32kg 20/20
Swings 40kg 10/10

OAJ 40kg 2min 1mph 10rpm

LC 2x28kg 5min 5rpm 5/5/5/5/7

Skipping, mixed, 2.30min unbroken
Skipping, mixed, 2.30min unbroken

Dead Hang (rollerbar) > 45sec (untimed)

2.5hrs BJJ


LC was tough at the end. Felt fine in the legs. A little harder during the pull to rack but nothing too bad. Difficulty I think was in stabilising overhead… Need to focus on not drifting out during send-off, and maybe (as always) a slightly deeper dip – or more powerful sendoff?


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