Swings 28kg 30/30
Swings 32kg 15/15
Swings 44kg 10/10

OAJ – a few with 28kg
OAJ 32kg 5/5

OAJ 44kg 5/5
OAJ 44kg 4/4
OAJ 44kg 3/3
OAJ 44kg 2/2
OAJ 44kg 1/1
terrible first set, improved vastly as I got used to it! Right hand side much stronger than the left.

LC 2x24kg 21reps (2:30min)
LC 2x24kg 10reps same rpm
stopped due to danger! Slight funk on the right wrist from the 44kg, lockout overhead had a strange wobble, so stopped set

Cleans 2x24kg 20reps
Cleans 2x24kg 6reps
looking at tekkers

Toddler Squat 5min


Bit of no gi rolling straight after.

Thought I’d filmed everything in one go. Turned out I’d only recorded 8seconds!


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