Girevoy Sport at Vitality Gym

Own warmup
Swings 24kg 30/30
OAJ 24kg 24/24 untimed

Jerk 2x24kg 15reps w/5sec hold
Jerk 2x24kg ? w/2sec hold
Jerk 2x24kg 23reps

Snatch 24kg 7/7
Snatch 20kg 23/23
Snatch 16kg 33/33

A circuit – pretty much 10 of each:
Leg raise on rings
Farmers walk 2x24kg
Rope Pull
Box Jump

Plus 1 or 2 other things I can’t remember

Light stretching


Swings 24kg 30/30
Swings 32kg 30/30
Swings 36kg 20/20

OAJ 32kg 20/20 (around 90sec per hand)
OALC 36kg 11/11

LC 2x28kg 3min 4rpm (the most horrible reps)
LC 2x28kg 1min 4rpm (mentally failed!)

Goblet Squat 28kg 2min 52reps


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