LC Mess

Swings 24kg 30/30
Swings 32kg 30/30

OAJ 24kg 6/6
Jerks 2x24kg 1min 4reps into Cleans 1min 8reps
OALC 32kg 5/5

LC 2x24kg 10min 5rpm

Air Squats 2min 70reps


LC was meant to be ten min, but I put the bells down around 6min in for 45sec, then tried to finish the 10min. I ended up aiming to do 50reps total, so put the bells down early as I thought I’d hit the target reps.
Bad guts in this set, sttraight after an ill timed cough, so not the best conditions.
Forgot hoe mentally tough it is….


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