32 Strong…

20kg Swing 40/40
24kg Swing 30/30
28kg Swing 20/20
32kg Swing 10/10

20kg Jerk 12/12
24kg LC 8/8
32kg Jerk 24/24

5min rest

32kg Cleans 24/24

5min rest

32kg LC 16/16

5min rest

20kg Goblet Squat 2min


Jerks – was pretty shaky to be fair, but heartrate was much less than previous times.

Cleans – was OK. Thought I’d come away with a blister, but didn’t.

LC – was OK too. Jerks were better than the just Jerks set.

Struggling to keep my grip in the corner of the handle when I drop from Rack into Clean.


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