Starting training – base

So, hooked up again with Mandy Kemp, of Ipswich Kettlebells. She’s going to provide my workouts, so hopefully they will be a lot more structured.

I’ve put my end goal to submit a video for rank in LongCycle, so no more “arsing about”!

It does mean, however, that I’ll only post up my working set. Otherwise the horde that read this blog would get free programming, tsck *shakes head*…

Anyway, today was a look at basic lifting. I was asked to show a 10min Snatch set, 10min OALC set and some squats. This is what I did.

20kg Swings

24kg Swings

32kg Swings

20kg Jerk 1MPH

24kg OALC

16kg Snatch 10min 5MPH 15rpm

7 or 8min rest

20kg OALC 10min 5MPH 8rpm

20kg Goblet Squats 2min 25rpm
50 total

1min Dead Hang
1min rest
1min Dead Hang




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