2x24kg LC


24kg Swings

28kg Swings

32kg Swing

28kg LC (30sec to do the rep, remainder in overhead hold)

32kg Jerks
20/20 in 3minutes

LC 2x24kg 1.30min on at 7reps, 1min rest – 8 sets
7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7 = 56reps total.

30sec on, 30sec off Dead Hang, 3min
(Did these on the squat rack, so hanging on a square girder)


32kg Jerks felt good – trying to up the pace, but I think I ran out of ‘safety steam’, so switched hands at 20reps. I think my arm is too tense during the launch.

2x24kg Jerks – started off a little wobbly but warmed up on the 3rd set. I think the 5th set was my best. Got to push the hips back and DOWN a bit more I think…

Also, at the end of the session, I tried a Two Hand Anyhow 32kg up first (RHS), then 28kg (LHS). Missed the press by inches…!


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