28kg OALC 14min


24kg Swings

24kg OALC 30sec to do the rep, the remainder of the 30sec in overhead hold.

28kg OALC 2MPH

32kg Jerks 2MPH 10rpm

28kg OALC 14min 7rpm

28kg Rack Squats
50sec on, 20 sec off – 2sets

28kg Back Lunge
50sec on, 20 sec off – 2sets

1min Dead Hang
45sec rest
1.15min Dead Hang


Very pleased with the 32kg Jerks, as in fixation was good, and heart rate wasn’t too high. If I pushed it I think 12rpm is within reach, but would probably sacrifice some form still. Hopefully I try and do 11rpm next time round.

28kg OALC was good as well. Focus on elbow forward, thumb back in overhead. Rotation of arm out before the first dip helped with alignment too, although this obviously needs more work! Felt I should have done 20min, but stuck with the plan of 14.


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