Band stretching/ball trigger point
20kg swings 30/30
then clean, clean and press, clean and jerk, clean and half snatch, clean and push press. Switch hands
repeat with 24kg

Mini Pentathlon – 4min work, 3min rest

24kg Cleans

24kg LCP

20kg Jerk

20kg Half Snatch

20kg Push Press

1min Dead Hang
1min rest
1min Dead Hang

Was a lot better than I expected. Glad I used the 20 on the Half Snatch, as I think I would have got a blister if I’d gone heavier.
Pleased I could still C&P the 24 for sets of 10
Jerks were also pleasing, although rather rushed. Quads on fire! but I think this is the first time I’ve done the full set of 20RPM.
Push Press. Should really stick to sets of ten for this I think. Also I think I need to ‘straighten up’ a little bit more – felt my lower back working, which I’m not sure it should?

Shoulder is still really clicky, which sucks. Noticed it a lot more on the Half Snatch.


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