Secret Squirrel 1

Secret Squirrel protocol today.
I used the 12kg. Focusing on fixation, plus it’s been such a long time since I last lifted ‘properly’ my hands are like baby hands.

Cleans – were OK, although I missed my target reps each time. Focus on fixation, catching my elbow with my hip, and dropping the handle into my fingers

LC – hmm, probably the trickiest. Focus on replicating the clean tekkers from the clean set, and later on, on getting a deeper second dip. Was maybe difficult because of the light bell?

LCP – OK. Focus on pushing the elbow with the hip/shoulder rotation

LCPP – OK. Focus on hip/elbow and pushing from the rack position. Was slightly difficult in slowing the bell down to the top position.

All in all, it didn’t quite test me physically in the way I was expecting, but with a higher weight, it will!

Very good to be focusing on tekkers, although a little odd to be lifting so light!

Wrist was OK I guess, there were a few rough patches, that’d probably get highlighted with a heavier bell.


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