Swings 28kg 30/30
Swings 36kg 20/20
OAJ 36kg 4min 2mph 8rpm
Cleans 2x28kg 3min 12rpm
Jerks 2x28kg 12reps (just over 1min)
Toddler Squat 6min spread throughout workout
Pullups (rest 10sec for every rep in the previous set)  1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/8


Swings 24kg 30/30
Swing 32kg 30/30
OALC 32kg 20/20 untimed – quick
LC 2x24kg 2min 9rpm
LC 2x24kg 3min 9rpm
Toddler Squat 7min spread throughout workout
Dead Hang 2x1min

Focused on counting rep[s in the first set.
Second set was focused on breathing which was a lot easier. Definitely could have done another minute or two – gutted. Just mentally gave up 😦